Should You Keep Your Enthusiasm To Yourself?


I love to ask for advice and often do, but sometimes I think I only ask to merely cement my own thoughts, I think that’s way I’m picky on who and when I ask!

Is there anything worse though than unsolicited advice? The kind that your friends or even random strangers just have to share, and when does your own enthusiasm for a new found joy, go from being enthusiasm to giving unwanted advice? For example, I’ve recently changed my diet and lifestyle, and believe me I needed to. I have significantly cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, I was a sugar and carb addict and the signs were obvious that it wasn’t good for me. As a result of the change, I’ve lost weight, sleep better, the sugar highs and lows have stopped and I feel so much better – lighter in every sense of the word.

I am proud I have been able to stick to this new routine, for over a month now, but here’s my problem: I want to shout how good I feel from the rooftops, and when a girlfriend complains she’s feeling sluggish or hates her unhealthy lifestyle, all as I want to do is tell her to change her eating habits and educate her on the research and how much better off she will be on a different diet. In fact, they don’t even need to complain, I just want to tell everyone about how well I am doing and how good I feel, and for them to try it too. Luckily, I know most of the time people just want to be listened to, not everyone has the same interests as me and to be really honest, I know if my girlfriends had wanted to ”educate” me on their new halo shining lifestyle, all I would want to do is eat another donut. In fact, I would be so pissed off, I would have eaten three donuts as my way of showing them I didn’t give a damn!

I’ve really learned this lesson from both my sons, no matter what pearls of wisdom and life lessons I have, they certainly do not want to hear it from me! Why would they believe that getting an early night will improve their concentration tomorrow or that less computer games and more studying will open so many more colleges doors – especially when I, their mum says it! They really won’t listen to me, so how do I get them to see that sometimes, just sometimes, I can be right? Do I have to put a lid on my enthusiasm? No  – well, maybe just verbally. I’ve realized that the very best way for anyone to see your enthusiasm is by just walking your walk. If I go to bed early because I have a busy day ahead of me or if I forgo watching Grey’s Anatomy to concentrate on a current project believe to not, out of their peripheral vision they notice what I’m doing, far more than talking about it. The fact that I look better, my skin is glowing and I have more energy is enough for people to notice I’ve changed my lifestyle and this is all that should matter, I’ve done for me after all, and my gift to everyone else … I’m a much happier and nicer person to be around.

 “Everybody has their own path. So just go and walk on your own, no need to look at another.”



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