Sunday Slob Day


I want to share a wonderful Sunday afternoon I just had, my husband was travelling for work, and I was home with my youngest son. We decided to rent a movie and settled down to watch ”Thor Ragnarok” (all the action for him and Jeff Goldblum for me) along with snacks, drinks and a cozy throw. It reminded me of when he was younger and we would snuggle up to watch Lion King (his favorite movie) for the hundredth time.

Slobbing in front of the television, in the middle of a sunny day, is not a regular occurrence in our house (it’s definitely frowned upon by my husband), there always seems to be too many jobs to do, sporting activities or homework to complete. However, for two hours and ten minutes, my youngest son put down the Xbox controller and stopped playing Fortnite to cozy up under a blanket and share Mike & Ike’s and a Cadbury’s chocolate bar and be thoroughly entertained by Marvel – it was bliss.

Earlier that day I had just blogged about wishing I could turn back time, and re-live and appreciate those special moments I had when my boys were younger, so it was the perfect reminder to savor and enjoy this special moment.

You will never look back in life and think, “I spent too much time with my kids”






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