Beauty is Everywhere

Birthday Tulips

It’s a short and simple blog today. I just want to say how gifts of beauty are everywhere and how they can make such a large impact on your spirit when you stop and notice.

It was my birthday last Friday and whilst there was a whole lot of shit hitting the fan in my life (the details I won’t bore you with), it was simply taking a look at the beauty that is everywhere that kept me smiling. I’m not going to lie, there were definite moments of darkness that seemed all consuming but taking time to be in the moment helped my perspective, and kept a glimmer of light shining bright at a very dark time for me.

It was noticing the beauty in the tulips (my favorites) that I had received on my birthday from my son. The vivid red flower against the green stem is in itself uplifting but the act of snipping the stems and putting them in water, in my favorite vase, whilst knowing they were bought for me out of thoughtfulness and love was heart warming.

My favorite moment came though when we all went out to the movies to watch a comedy, Games Night, sitting nestled between my husband and two sons with the obligatory popcorn was a place of sanctuary in itself. However, believe me when I say there was no greater joy, not in watching the movie, but watching our two boys laughing together at the same time throughout the movie. It’s moments like this I believe my heart could actually burst with pure joy and love.

“If you want to be happy, be.”  

– Leo Tolstoy







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