Write Like No One is Reading


Writing doesn’t come easy to me, in fact I find it hard, I’m not a creative type who has always dreamed of writing a book (or a blog for that matter). I once started a diary when I was about 10, I loved it, I poured my heart out I noted which boys I had a crush on (with hearts), the teachers I didn’t like, the girls who teased me along with my hopes and dreams. It wasn’t well written, it wasn’t exciting but it was genuine. When I discovered it had been read by someone else, I was devastated. I continued to write the diary but always with the thought of someone else reading it, I wrote things that I thought others wanted to read, I wrote things to be liked, I wrote what I thought I should write, I even wrote about things I wanted to be discovered – my brother being a nuisance, how he teased and annoyed me, secretly hoping it would get him into trouble! My words were not real, the pages not authentic and as a consequence I stopped enjoying putting pen to paper and gave up writing a diary completely, in fact, that was the end of writing for pleasure, until now …

Since starting this blog it’s made me remember how good it is to write your true thoughts and feelings down, how it helps on so many levels. And while I’m hoping people will read this blog, I really want people to read this blog, I can assure you (and please don’t be offended) that when I write, I write like nobody is reading!

“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.”
—Allen Ginsberg



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