Comparisons – when to break the rules

I’m a huge believer in never compare yourself with others … unless you come out on top! No, seriously, don’t go there. I broke the rules today though.

I moved from the North of England to Northern California, USA three years ago and always get terribly homesick in the winter. I miss the pubs, the roaring fires and family Sunday lunches so much. However, I helped my homesickness today with comparisons.

It’s February, 2, 2018 and I was walking the dog (a fun loving Tibetan Terrier) in sunny 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21c), feeling the warmth of the sun always makes me smile but I have to admit I felt a little smug today (agreed not a great quality and perhaps not the zen gratitude I aspire to) while taking a cheeky glance at the weather in my home town back in the UK, a whopping 30 degrees difference. Living in California, is not cheap, most of the time I actually feel like we are paying the for perfect weather. We often describe it as living in the Truman show! Today it was worth the cost – it’s February for Pete’s sake!

I’m grateful to have such wonderful family and friends to miss so much but today was just a little easier by knowing how unbelievably lucky I am to take a walk with my dog in a t-shirt in FEBRUARY!

What are you enjoying 2day?

“Comparison is the death of joy.”
― Mark Twain


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